Quantum Materials present strong electronic correlations, electronic order (e.g. superconducting), electronic properties linked to non-generic quantum effects (e.g. topological insulators), Dirac electron systems (e.g. graphene), or collective properties governed by genuinely quantum behavior (e.g. polaritons), etc. Research on these materials brings together researchers working on various problems at the frontiers of physics, materials science and engineering. Properties of such systems are uniquely defined by quantum mechanical effects that remain manifest at high temperatures and macroscopic scales.

In QSEC, quantum materials and related novel phenomena are studied both theoretically and experimentally, with models of quantum materials, synthesis and assembly of both macroscopic and low-dimensional materials, and advanced characterization technologies. Applications of these materials in computing, sensing, energy, and relevant areas are also interested.


Computational Materials Science

Computational modeling and prediction for advanced materials.

Low-dimensional Structure & Spintronics

Multi-vector experimental approach to understand intrinsic structural polymorphism of low-dimensional materials.

Materials Synthesis

Discovery and characterization of emerging quantum materials.

Mechanics & Photonics of 2D Materials

Mechanically tunable optical and electrical properties with 2D structures.



The quantum materials team and collaborators meet weekly in an informal workshop and roundtable discussion. Contact the group leaders for more information.