MS program in QISE

Start a Career in |Quantum⟩

MS in Physics with QISE Concentration

Students in physics, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, computing, and relevant areas are welcome to apply

  • No quantum prerequisites are required.
  • 2-year program with industry/research internship
  • Training in systems engineering principles

Internship opportunities in:

  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum sensing
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Quantum materials

Why Quantum?

  • The next generation of computing, communication, and sensing technologies will use quantum physics to achieve transformative improvements in performance.
  • Presently, there is a shortage of scientists and engineers with quantum expertise.
  • Both large and small companies are actively seeking employees with the skills to lead this new technological revolution.
  • Come build your credentials to work in this exciting field!

More about Mason

George Mason University is Virginia’s largest public research university and is designated as an R-1 institution. The campus, on 677 acres within 25 minutes of downtown Washington, D.C., offers academic programs in nine colleges and schools.

→Program information is available here.