Quantum Week 2022


Quantum Week 2022

Have you ever heard of qubits and quantum materials?

Are you curious how quantum technologies work?

Wondering what Mason does in the quantum era?

QSEC hosted Quantum Week 2022 in order to recognize the work that creates awe-inspiring quantum technologies today and in the future. It was a time for everyone to get together, celebrate, and wonder what the next big thing will be in the 2nd quantum revolutionary. 

It was a hybrid event consisting of technical seminars, tech showcase and research posters, career panel discussions, and casual talks and hangouts in Mason’s Johnson Center. Academic scholars, industry researchers, startup foundries, and Mason students went together to discuss state-of-the-art technologies, business visions, and education and career opportunities.

April 13-15


Video Record


  • Introduction and Quantum at Mason


  • Quantum Materials and Sensing Technologies


  • Quantum Algorithms and Computing

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