Funding Opportunities Digest

Updated on 2/25/2020
Deadline Submissions

(new) SPIN ID  089543, Signals in the Soil (SitS), NSF, 2/24/2020
(new) SPIN ID 089121, Naval Service Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane Office-Wide, NSWC Crane Division CRANBAA20-0001, 2/14/2020
(new) SPIN ID  088099, AMENDMENT -- Quantum Information, AFRL BAA FA8750-20-S-7006, 1/29/2020
SPIN ID 087843, University Training and Research for Fossil Energy Applications, DOE, 12/20/2019
SPIN ID 087691, RFP--Quantum Characterization of Intermediate Scale Systems (QCISS), Army, 12/17/2019
SPIN ID 087118, Semiconductor Synthetic Biology for Information Storage and Retrieval (SemiSynBio-II), NSF, 11/19/2019
SPIN ID 083389, Defense Sciences Office (DSO) Office-Wide Broad Agency Announcement, 6/19/2019
SPIN ID 080079, Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes (QLCI), NSF, 2/20/2019

Continuous Submissions
(new) SPIN ID 089047, Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grant Programs, NIST 2020-NIST-MSE-01, 2/12/2020
SPIN ID 085960, Nanoscale Interactions, NSF, 9/20/2019
SPIN ID 085543, Biosensing, NSF, 9/12/2019
SPIN ID 085522, Biophotonics, NSF, 9/11/2019
SPIN ID 061598, RFP -- Amendment -- Army Research Office Broad Agency Announcement for Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 8/11/2019
SPIN ID 081393, Air Force Office of Scientific Research Broad Agency Announcement, 4/11/2019
SPIN ID 067319, Condensed Matter and Materials Theory Program, NSF, 12/4/2018
SPIN ID 077300, Crosscutting Activities in Materials Research (XC), NSF, 9/10/2018
SPIN ID 054320, AFRL/RX Functional Materials Open BAA, 4/19/2016

Deadline Submissions:

(new) SPIN ID: 089543
Title: Signals in the Soil (SitS)
Agency FOA #: NSF 20-548
Last released/revised date: 2/24/2020
Important dates: Full application due: 5/20/2020
QMC-related topics: 1) develop the next generation of sensors and/or instruments capable of measuring biological, chemical, and physical variables in-situ with minimal disturbance; and 2) improve understanding of signaling molecules and interactions that occur in soil ecosystems.
(new) SPIN ID: 089121
Title: Naval Service Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane Office-Wide
Agency FOA #: Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division CRANBAA20-0001
Last released/revised date: 2/14/2020
Important dates: Full application due: 3/4/2020
QMC-related topics: Basic Research Opportunity Area b, Investigating Radiation Effects in Quantum Information Technologies: little is known regarding the impacts of various forms of radiation on these systems and whether these concepts are even capable of enabling improved operations in a high radiation environment.  Robust efforts, therefore, are required to develop the scientific understanding of radiation effects in qubit architectures, as well as the integrated photonic structures that are used to generate and manipulate entangled photons.
(new) SPIN ID: 088099
Title: AMENDMENT -  Quantum Information Sciences    
Agency FOA #: AFRL BAA FA8750-20-S-7006
Last released/revised date: 1/29/2020
Important dates: Full application due: 9/30/2020 for FY21
QMC-related topics: FOCUS AREA 1:  Quantum Algorithm and Computation; FOCUS AREA 2:  Quantum Information Processing; FOCUS AREA 3:  Memory-Node-Based Quantum Networking; FOCUS AREA 4:  Superconducting Hybrid Quantum Platforms; FOCUS AREA 5:  Quantum Information Sciences.
(new) SPIN ID:  087843
Title: University Training and Research for Fossil Energy Applications (UCR/HBCU)
Agency FOA #: DOE NETL, DE-FOA-0002193
Last released/revised date: 12/20/2019
Important dates: Full application due: 3/2/2020
QMC-related topics: 1) Quantum for Energy Systems and Technologies: quantum computing, cybersecurity, and new sensing modalities; 2) Novel Sensors and Controls for Flexible Generation: required temperature at 750 – 1800 C; 3) Machine Learning for Computational Fluid Dynamics; 4) Fast, Efficient, And Reliable Fossil Power with Integrated Energy Storage.
(new) SPIN ID:  087691
Title: RFP--Quantum Characterization of Intermediate Scale Systems (QCISS)
Agency FOA #: Army Research Office, DoD W911NF20S0004
Last released/revised date: 12/17/2019
Important dates: Full application due: 3/17/2020
QMC-related topics: 1) integrate theoretical and experimental research to fully identify and address the challenges of Quantum Characterization, Verification, and Validation (QCVV) for intermediate-scale quantum systems (>5 coupled qubits); 2) theoretical research that may significantly advance QCVV for intermediate-scale quantum systems through novel approaches that retire a set of key challenges.
(new) SPIN ID: 087205
Title: Early Career Research Program
Agency FOA #: DOE, DE-FOA-0002173
Last released/revised date: 11/22/2019
Important dates: Required pre-application due: 1/7/2020; Full application due: 3/16/2020
QMC-related topics: 
Quantum computing hardware architectures; nanostructured and low dimensional quantum materials; creation and control of quantum coherent phenomena for transduction of quantum coherent states between different physical systems; quantum control of atomic and molecular systems; condensed phase and interfacial molecular science; light harvesting and quantum coherent energy transfer.
(new) SPIN ID: 087118
Title: Semiconductor Synthetic Biology for Information Storage and Retrieval (SemiSynBio-II)
Agency FOA #: NSF 20-518
Last released/revised date: 11/19/2019
Important dates: Submission Window: 2/14/2020 – 3/16/2020
QMC-related topics: 
Developing novel strategies for addressing fundamental questions at the interface of biology and semiconductors; designing new bio-nano hybrid devices based on sustainable materials that test the physical size limit in transient electronics; fabricating hybrid semiconductor-biological microelectronic systems based on biomolecules for information storage and retrieval functionalities; scaling-up and characterization of integrated electronic and synthetic biology systems.
SPIN ID: 083389
Title: Defense Sciences Office (DSO) Office-Wide Broad Agency Announcement
Agency FOA #: DARPA - Defense Sciences Office, HR001119S0071
Last released/revised date: 6/19/2019
Important dates: Full Proposal Due Date: 6/12/2020, 4:00 p.m.
QMC-related topics: 
Limits of Sensing & Sensors: engineered materials that enable novel optics and imaging capabilities; fundamental and practical limits of quantum enabled sensing and metrology; 
Anticipating Surprise: novel functional and structural materials and manufacturing processes.
SPIN ID: 080079
Title: Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes (QLCI)
Agency FOA #: NSF, 19-559
Last released/revised date: 2/20/2019
Important dates: Round I: Full Proposal Due: 1/2/2020.
                 Round II: LOI Due: 8/3/2020, Preliminary Proposal Due 9/1/2020, Full Proposal Due 2/1/2021
QMC-related topics: 
The goal of the Quantum Leap Challenge Institute (QLCI) program is to support timely and bold research agendas aimed at making breakthroughs on clearly identified and compelling challenges within a 5-year period. Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes are expected to: engage an intellectually-diverse community in the pursuit of identified challenges; develop cohesive, collaborative and national-scale approaches to research in quantum information science and engineering; and enable the development of a well-trained workforce with strong cross-disciplinary skill sets needed for quantum information science and engineering.

Continuous Submissions:

(new) SPIN ID: 089047
Title: Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grant Programs
Agency FOA #: NIST 2020-NIST-MSE-01
Last released/revised date: 2/12/2020
Important dates: n.a. - continuous submission. Topics may change over FYs.
QMC-related topics: quantum measurements including mass, force, and electrical metrology; electronic instrumentation; measurements of basic atomic properties including new metrology techniques in atomic spectroscopy; measuring fundamental quantum processes in ultra-cold atomic systems including Bose-Einstein condensates and Fermi degenerate gases, nanophotonic systems, quantum dots, single photon devices, and quantum materials relevant to these systems; and advancing quantum information science and laser cooling and their broad applications to measurement science and measurement beyond the standard quantum limit; advanced optics & quantum communications; computational materials science & quantum Information science; cryptography including post quantum cryptography; quantum physics & quantum electrical metrology; measurements of temperature, pressure, flow in nanotechnology; NEMS/MEMS & microsystems for quantum engineering; measurement and knowledge infrastructure essential to characterizing nano- and atom-scale engineered materials and solid-state devices for innovation in information processing, sensing, and future quantum technologies.
SPIN ID: 085960
Title: Nanoscale Interactions
Agency FOA #: NSF Directorate for Engineering, PD-20-1179
Last released/revised date: 9/20/2019
Important dates: n.a. - continuous submission
QMC-related topics:
“The goal of the Nanoscale Interactions program is to support research to advance fundamental and quantitative understanding of the interactions of nanomaterials and nanosystems with biological and environmental media. Materials of interest include one- to three-dimensional nanostructures, heterogeneous nano-bio hybrid assemblies, dendritic and micelle structures, quantum dots, and other nanoparticles. Such nanomaterials and systems frequently exhibit novel physical, chemical, photonic, electronic, and biological behavior as compared to the bulk scale. Collaborative and interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.”
SPIN ID: 085543
Title: Biosensing
Agency FOA #: NSF Directorate for Engineering, PD-20-7909
Last released/revised date: 9/12/2019
Important dates: n.a. - continuous submission
QMC-related topics:
“biosensors that enable measurement of biomolecular interactions in their native states, transmembrane transport, intracellular transport and reactions, and other biological phenomena; miniaturization of biosensors for lab-on-a-chip and cell/organ-on-a-chip applications to enable measurement of biological properties and functions of cell/tissues in vitro; biosensors that exploit quantum correlations to develop a suite of analytical tools that will have superior performance over ordinary classical biosensing technology; and
biosensors that leverage unique electrical properties of biomolecules, such as DNA; proteins; cells; and the nervous system to develop miniaturized biomedical devices for modulating and characterization of biological species.
SPIN ID: 085522
Title: Biophotonics
Agency FOA #: NSF Directorate for Engineering, PD-20-7236
Last released/revised date: 9/11/2019
Important dates: n.a. - continuous submission
QMC-related topics:
“Low Coherence Sensing at the Nanoscale: Low coherence enhanced backscattering (LEBS). N-dimensional elastic light scattering. Angle-resolved low coherence interferometry for early cancer detection (dysplasia).
Neurophotonics: Studies of photon activation of neurons at the interface of nanomaterials attached to cells. Development and application of biocompatible photonic tools such as parallel interfaces and interconnects for communicating and control of neural networks.
Microphotonics and Nanophotonics: Development and application of novel nanoparticle fluorescent quantum-dots. Sensitive, multiplexed, high-throughput characterization of macromolecular properties of cells. Nanomaterials and nanodevices for biomedicine.”
SPIN ID: 061598
Title: RFP -- Amendment -- Army Research Office Broad Agency Announcement for Basic and Applied Scientific Research
Agency FOA #: Army Research Office, W911NF-17-S-0002
Last released/revised date: 8/11/2019
Important dates: n.a. – continuous submission until 2022
QMC-related topics:
a.ii, Physics: quantum phenomena, quantum processes that could be harnessed for quantum
memory and secure communication, advances in unique materials such as topologically non-trivial electronic phases, strong correlations and novel quantum phases of matter, topologically non-trivial phases in condensed matter, quantum information science including fundamental physics, quantum sensing, and quantum computation.
b.ii, Electronics: non-trivial quantum mechanical mechanisms linked to biological behaviors, such as navigation; low dimensional semiconductor structures; quantum confined devices, 2d crystals, spintronics, valleytronics.
c.i, Computing Science: quantum computing, stochastics , filtering, control, and error correction.
SPIN ID: 081393
Title: Air Force Office of Scientific Research Broad Agency Announcement
Agency FOA #: Air Force Office of Scientific Research, FA9550-19-S-0003
Last released/revised date: 4/11/2019
Important dates: n.a. - continuous submission
QMC-related topics:
2. Information and Networks, e. Information Assurance and Cybersecurity – nanoscale material properties, quantum effects that offer added security capabilities for future computing devices, quantum information science and computation, classic and quantum devices interact.
3. Physical sciences, a. Materials with Extreme properties - materials for quantum sciences; b. Atomic and Molecular Physics – strongly-interacting quantum particles, new quantum phases of matter, non-equilibrium dynamics of cold quantum particles; e. Optoelectronics and Photonics – quantum computing schemes, quantum metamaterials; g. Quantum Information Sciences.
SPIN ID: 067319
Title: Condensed Matter and Materials Theory Program
Agency FOA #: NSF Directorate for Mathematics and Physical Sciences, 18-500
Last released/revised date: 12/4/2018
Important dates: n.a. – continuous submission
QMC-related topics:
First-principles electronic structure, quantum many-body and field theories, statistical mechanics, classical and quantum Monte Carlo, and molecular dynamics; Computational efforts to advanced and high-performance scientific computing on approaches that begin at the smallest appropriate length scale, such as electronic, atomic, molecular, nano-, micro-, and mesoscale, required to yield fundamental insight into material properties, processes, and behavior, to predict new materials and states of matter, and to reveal new materials phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems; active matter; topological phases; low-dimensional materials and systems; quantum and classical nonequilibrium phenomena; nanostructured materials and mesoscale phenomena; creation and manipulation of coherent quantum states; etc.

SPIN ID: 077300
Title: Crosscutting Activities in Materials Research (XC)
Agency FOA #: NSF, PD-18-7222
Last released/revised date: 9/10/2018
Important dates: n.a. - Submissions in April or later will only be considered in the next fiscal year.
QMC-related topics:
Innovative and creative ideas in education (e.g., materials science and/or engineering, solid state and materials chemistry, condensed matter physics, integrated computational materials science/engineering, or materials data science/analytics) that do not have a forum elsewhere at NSF are of interest.
SPIN ID: 054320
Title: AFRL/RX Functional Materials Open BAA
Agency FOA #: Air Force Research laboratory, BAA-AFRL-RQKMA-2016-0007
Last released/revised date: 4/19/2016
Important dates: n.a. - continuous submission until 2021
QMC-related topics:
a.ii, Integrated Photonics & Opto-electronic Materials & Processing (IPOM&P) Research: quantum information, quantum sensing and integrated photonic systems. The range of materials to be investigated includes, but is not limited to: semiconductor materials, optical and electro-optical materials, organic electronic materials, plasmonic materials, ceramics, dielectric materials and their heterostructures, nanomaterials, and quantum materials. Research and Development could include the design, synthesis, material growth, device fabrication/processing, and evaluation of new and/or modified material systems and new/improved laboratory test procedures, analytical, characterization, and modeling techniques to evaluate materials and device performance.