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PHYS 334/534 and MATH 493/689 : Introduction to Quantum Computation and Information
This course introduces science and engineering students to quantum compung code and quantuminformaon using a linear algebra based approach. Prior experience with quantum mechanics is notrequired. Over the semester counterintuive concepts, such as quantum entanglement and quantumteleportaon, will be demysfied. Basic quantum algorithms will be analyzed to understand quantumspeedup over classical compung. Hands-on training in quantum circuit design and wring quantum code will be provided, culminang in running this code on simulators and quantum computers. Course contentwill include disncons between classical and quantum compung, the qubit, quantum gates and circuits,and quantum algorithms for query, data base search, factorizaon, and error correcon. State of the art andfuture prospects of quantum technology will also be discussed.