QMC Launch Event

Fairfax, VA, September 5, 2019

The Quantum Materials Center (QMC) recently held a Launch Event and Poster Session. Established as one of two new Transdisciplinary Centers for Advanced Study supported by the Provost Office of Research, the QMC merges the expertise of GMU scientists from the physics, engineering, and data science departments to develop a unified approach to materials discovery and exploration for the realization of quantum electronics technologies that outperform the present state-of-the-art. This launch event was intended to connect members and students of the center and to promote interdisciplinary communication. Over 6 faculty members and 20 students from across the Physics, Math, and Engineering departments attended the event.

Figure 1: One of the topics presented was “Using DFT to Determine NQR Frequencies”, both written and explained by Jaafar Ansari (with assistance from QMC Founding Member, Dr. Karen Sauer). Jaafar Ansari has then gone on to present his paper to the entire QMC on October 10th as part of the center’s student speaker series.
Figure 2: Another topic presented was the “Evolution of Raman spectra in MO1-xWxTe2 alloys”. This was presented by Sean M. Oliver, who was also an important author of the paper. Sean Oliver is a Ph.D. student who conducts research alongside the QMC Director, Dr. Patrick Vora.


For more information about the QMC, please visit qsec.gmu.edu.