Quantum Week Agenda 2023

4/13/2023  Intro to Quantum | Quantum Materials and Sensing | 327 Johnson Center

10:00 am. Quantum at Mason and Beyond

           Dr. Patrick Vora, Director of QSEC & Associate Professor of Physics, GMU

10:40 am. Building a robust quantum industry ecosystem in Greater Washington 

           George Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, Potomac Quantum Innovation Center (PQIC)

11:20 am. Quantum materials and sensing (Livestream)

           Hyeong Jin Yun, N5 Sensors

————————————————————————- Lunch Break ————————————————————————-

01:00 pm. Can you see an atom? (Livestream)

           Dr. Shawna Hollen, Associate Professor of Physics, University of New Hampshire

01:40 pm. How to make an atomically thin sandwich (Livestream)

           Dr. Kevin Yager, Electronic Materials Group Leader, Brookhaven National Laboratory

02:20 pm. MITRE Quantum Research

           Dr. Joseph Hagmann (TBD), Quantum Materials Physicist, The MITRE Corporation

————————————————————————- Coffee Break ————————————————————————-

03:10 pm. Atoms and nuclei: the ideal quantum sensors

           Dr. Karen Sauer, Professor of Physics, GMU

03:50 pm. A Quantum Career in Cryptography

           Dr. Jaydeep Joshi, Qrypt

04:30 pm. Opportunities for students | Poster Session (325 Johnson Center)

4/14/2023  Quantum Computing | Quantum Education | Game Challenge | 3008 Horizon Hall

10:00 am. Quantum Computing Overview

           Dr. Michael Jarret Baume, Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science, GMU

10:40 am. Fireside Chat: Post-quantum cryptography and security

          Dr. Jamil Jaffer, Executive Director of the National Security Institute, GMU

          Dr. Kris Gaj, Co-Director of the Cryptographic Engineering Research Group, GMU

————————————————————————- Lunch Break ————————————————————————-

01:00 pm. Where Quantum Literacy Education and Quantum Education Converge

           Dr. Timothy Akers, Chief Executive Officer, National Quantum Literacy Network

           Dr. Kevin Peters, Chief Learning Officer, National Quantum Literacy Network

01:40 pm. Mason’s Entrepreneurship Support and Tech Transfer Resources

          Dr. David Grossman, Senior Director of Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration, GMU

02:20 pm. Using research-validated learning tools to improve quantum education

           Dr. Chandralekha Singh, Distinguished Professor of Physics, University of Pittsburgh

————————————————————————- Coffee Break ————————————————————————-

03:10 pm. Quantum Education at Mason

           Dr. Jessica Rosenberg, QSEC Education Director and Associate Professor of Physics, GMU

03:50 pm. Adjourn of Quantum Week 2023

04:30 pm. Quantum Board Game Challenge

Open to participants

Quantum Week 2023 

Quantum Science and Engineering Center