QMC Seminar Series #1

October 10, 2019
Speaker: Jaafar Ansari

Quantum Materials Center (QMC) will host their first student seminar that allows graduate students and postdocs to present their research to the members of the QMC for feedback and review. This seminar is the first in the QMC’s student speaker series. The experience will allow students to gain valuable understanding on presenting and refining their research for future endeavors. The speaker at this seminar, Mr. Jaafar Ansari, is a graduate student who is pursuing a M.S in Computational Sciences and Informatics and is looking to continue into his doctoral studies in 2020. He works closely under Dr. Karen Sauer, a founding member of the QMC, to both assist her with research as well as continuing his own.  He presented his paper, “Using DFT to Determine NQR Frequencies”, to members and students of the center. The recently published paper for the same work presented can be found here.