[MQA Seminar] Quantum Basics for the Curious: A Fireside Chat with Nobel Laureate Dr. Bill Phillips

September 22, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Event Record

Invited Speaker:
Dr. Bill Phillips, Nobel Laureate,University of Maryland
Laurie Locascio, VP for Research; University of Maryland



Curious about the buzz around quantum, but don’t really understand what the big deal is? Want to understand how the quantum revolution applies to you but don’t have a background in physics?

If so, please join the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance (MQA) for a fireside chat between University of Maryland’s Vice President for Research, Dr. Laurie Locascio, and Nobel Laureate Dr. Bill Phillips. Dr. Phillips is a renowned science communicator in addition to being a leading scientist, and currently serves as a NIST Fellow and a University of Maryland Distinguished University Professor. This fireside chat will include a discussion of Dr. Phillips’ Nobel journey, a basic introduction to quantum physics, and answers to burning questions about the promise of emerging quantum technologies.

This fireside chat will be the first in a series of MQA virtual events that will dive more deeply into the remarkable capabilities that advances in quantum are unlocking for computing, sensing and ultra-secure communications — and how these will help to address real-world challenges. This MQA introductory series will help to connect potential customers and end-users with the research community to accelerate the innovation of quantum products that are responsive to actual needs and deliver value. To get more
information about these events, please click the RSVP link to sign up for
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About the MQA: The Greater National Capital Region is one of the leading quantum powerhouses in the world; the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance (MQA) brings the region’s extraordinary capabilities across academia, industry, non-profits, and government together to build a vibrant ecosystem that accelerates quantum innovation and impact. QSEC represents Mason as a founding and active member of the MQA.